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7 Things to see and do in Ubud

7 Things to see and do in Ubud

So you're heading to Bali but what city in Bali do you want to see? Well in my humble traveler opinion. Ubud is a great city to visit and get the full cultural experience of Bali, the nature, and the yoga. With temples, restaurants, lavish hotels. Ubud is an hour away from Kuta and Seimnyak. Extremely Easy to get to with a driver.

Transportation in Ubud is really easy. There are Taxi  available everywhere. You can also rent a scouter ( which I do not recommend ) If you take a short ride to anywhere in the city 95% of the time the driver will pass you his card with his whats up app number and offer his services for the day hitting up all the tourist sites or for a return trip. Picking your driver its like picking your friends. Make sure you feel comfortable, safe and the energy between you both is all positive. The Indonesian people tend to be really nice and friendly, so you should have an easy time finding a driver. Be clear and firm on your price you want to pay. If the price is to high, simple say no thank you and exit the vehicle. 

99 Drivers and you just need 1….

99 Drivers and you just need 1….

I highly recommend my driver Putu Yudhi . You can reach him in Instagram @yudhi_putu and

Yudhi will take great care of you .


Bali Private Tour Guide

Destination #1 Monkey Forest

Entrance Fee $0 USD

Monkey forest also know as Obyek Wisata Sangeh is a protected park where the monkeys roam freely.  You can also see monkey roaming around some temples and near by rivers. When enter a park or a temple you are in their territory so respect their space and never make eye contact ( its a sign if aggression)  Some monkeys can get aggressive and territorial. So heed the warning from the park. Keep shinny object, phone and cameras out of sight. If it catches their eye they will come and grab it. I do highly recommend a guide when you walk in. A guide will cost you $5 for a photo but they will show you around the park, take your picture and keep monkeys off your back ( literally ). At first I wasn’t going to get a guide but I sure glad I had someone there when the monkey jumped on my back and tried to take my camera. I hear its a sign of luck or thats what i told my self to stay calm…

How much time do you need there: 30minutes to 1 hours.

Please enjoy hilarious video on my Instagram Highlights

ubud guide

Destination #2 Tegallalang Rice Terrace:

Entrance fee $1 USD

 A very picturesque site to be seen.  A maze of beautifully kept rice fields that wraps and layers for a distance. You can take stroll down the fields to the opposite side as well and hop on a few of the iconic BALI swings that hold you right over the beautiful landscape of the fields. Fees for the swings very depending on which one you go on.

Had a great traveling while black encounter here check out my travel diaries to read all about it.

How much time do you need there: 30minutes to 2 hours. Enjoy a quick walk or walk around to both side of the terrace.

rice terrace

Destination #3 Elephant sanctuary 

Fee $75 UDS

There are a few elephant place you can go to in Bali , you can even ride them at the Bali zoo if you like. I had a great experience and more importantly I felt the animals where treated well at the Bali elephant experience. (Beware of the place that treat the animals inhuman)  They offer a pick up service  from your hotel as well as a drop off after your done for the day.Your day pass gets you an elephant ride around the sanctuary with a well trained  trainer. Also you have plenty of time to take photos with the elephants, feed and interact with them. A traditional Balianeasn meal is provided for lunch during your visit.

Your welcome to spend time with the baby elephants feeding them and petting their trunk. 

An awesome experience with such gentle smart animals. 

Highly recommend  going early. The baby elephants will pay more attention to you since you're the first ones to feed them. 

There is also a POD chocolate factory on the same grounds and you can go in for free tasting and demonstration. If you have a sweet tooth check it out. They have multiple flavors to sample.

How much time do you need there: 2-4 hours 

Destination #4 Tgenungan Waterfall 

Entrance Fee: $1 USD

A beautiful water fall , just a short hike down the hill. 

disclaimer: much easier going down then coming back up.  Great place to cool off during the hot Bali days.  Take time to stop at the photo opt station ie bird nest and swings.

IMG_5609 2.jpg

Bali Swings are also located at the top of the waterfall for an extra fee.

How much time do you need there:1-3 hours

Destination #5 hot springs:  Toya Devasya

Entrance Fee $20 USD

There are a couple hot spring resorts based at the bottom of the Volcano.

I tried the Toya  Devasya , as it was highly recommend from my driver.

( drivers take tourist place everyday they generaly know where tourist want to go, so welcome their recommendations )

I have been to a hot spring before and I can honestly say I never been to one like this. Hot springs are usually very tranquil and relaxing experience. Toya Devasya has a Bali spin on it. It's a very lively environment and actually great for families as well. With 7 different pools, multiple bars this hot spring also offers a water slide and a DJ. So go to relax or have fun you can do a little bit of both here .

bali hot springs

How much time do you need there:2-4 hours or book a night stay.

Destination #6 Pura Tirta Empul temple

Entrance Fee $2 USD

There are tons of temples in Ubud, not all open to the public. A lot of them are the local community only, but you cant miss the stunning architecture and gold leafing as you drive passed them. I do highly recommend visiting the Titra . Beside the beautiful surrounds and architecture this temple allows you to particulate in the water ceremony. 

12 water spouts purification bathing ritual

pura Tirta

disclaimer: you're not allowed into the water if your on your period. ( sounds  like an old rule that needs to be revisited) Wear temple approved attire, Cover your legs with a  sarong which is provided in the front before you enter. Curvy girls rest easy the sarong are large enough to cover all our curves. I had no issues and I wear a size 18. Bring a change of clothes and towel if you  chose to partake in the water ritual. 

How much time do you need there:1-3 hours or book a night stay.

Destination #7  Market Place:

Entrance Fee $0 USD

The Ubud Market place is located near the palace and shopping areas. Great place to pick up local goods and souvenirs. The walk ways are tiny and packed with people and the business owners  tend to grab hold of you to try and get you to come to their shops. The clothing venders whisper “ we have big size” as they nudge you on the hip and try to get you in their stores.

 There are a lot of  venders in a small space and often they are all selling similar items. So if you pass on an item due to price chances are you’ll find it cheaper just a couple booths down.

Always negotiate. If their price is 200 IDR, offer half of that and work from there. 

Items commonly found in the market place are, straw bags, incense, purses, scarfs, lava rock, and jewelry.  Happy Shopping.


How much time do you need there:1-4 hours

There you have it, my top 7 place to visit in Ubud. Ubud has so much to offer, more temples, yoga studios, spas and restaurants. I hope this guide can make planning your visit a little easier, but if you have more questions feel free to ask! I’ll have more about Bali in the next few post. Sign up for the newsletter to get all the details first.

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