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The Modern camera bag

The Modern camera bag

Photography is a love affair with life and life should be done with some style…am i right?

Nothing cramps your style more then a dated camera bag. A camera bag should be more like the ideal travel purse. Sometimes the outfit comes down to the accessories and shoes. 

loandsone camera bag

I feel there is always a tug a war between convenience and luxury especially when it come to travel. We want to look good or feel good, because sometimes looking good isn’t always comfortable. The cute dress we want to wear for the photo isn’t comfortable to climb the hill in to get to the top. Same thing when it comes to handbags and  camera bags. We want to protect our investment i.e the $2000 camera but who really wants to carry around a camera bag. They’re never cute, and they never match your outfit, till now. I found it y’all the answer to our traveling prayers provided  by the one and only Lo AND SONS.

This new brand LO AND SONS, and they offer something that a lot of handbag companies haven't offered before.

A fashionable camera bag. A bag that doesn’t scream “ hey I'm a tourist “ or “ hey i have an expensive camera come take it”

It offers an elegant spacious leather cross body with padded lining to protect your camera.

There is plenty of space for your DSLR, extra lens, wallet, passport and side pockets for extra  sd memory cards. 

Now the price for the magical bag that will spark the flame of this love affair is not the cheapest but it is worth it.  It's your designer bag that covers all your travel needs. 

So take a look on LO AND SONS website they offer more then just camera bags. They are also known for their large weekender bags as well. 

the modern camera bag
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