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What to eat- Bali food guide

What to eat- Bali food guide

A foodies guide to BALI

Your food experience can usually make or break a destination. I feel it's the second or third question people ask when they want to know about your trip, “how was the food?”

You eat, drink and snack they whole day so make sure whatever you eat leaves you satisfied. I definitely did consume some crappy meals but also had a few great meals that I would revisit on my next trip to Bali.

Bambu restaurant

City of Syminak: $$

Now if you want to splurge ( splurge by Bali standards not USD standards) on a great meal at a nice restaurant with drop dead gorgeous decor, Bambu is a great place to go. The candle lit outdoor seating is amazing over the coy pond and enjoy the open air roof with tradition wood carving from Jakarta. TIP: Make a reservation a head of time. We had a  delicious meal with drinks for two for $60 USD. 

Stared the meal with Kepiting Soka ( crispy soft shell crab) and  Sayur Sambiki ( sweet pumpkin and coconut cream)

For the main course we shared Iga babi panggang bumbu lengkap ( braised thousand spice baby back ribs) and the mixd vegetarian platter. Everything was extremely flavorful and the service was fantastic. No complaints about my dinning experience. 

Melting Wok Warung:

City of Ubud: $

When I say this was the best curry restaurant I ever went to I mean it. It  was beyond Delicious. Hands down the best curry noodles I have ever had. It's  a tiny restaurant in a very busy shopping and dinning spot in the city. Worth the wait but better make a reservation to insure you have a seat at the table. Small menu options  in fact they don’t even offer menus just the specials written on 2 chalk boards that they bring around when its time to order. 

Hands done one of my favorite place I ate at in BALI. The Sautéed wok chicken curry noodles is packed with flavor. You can smell the spices from the street side and it is amazing.  The aroma alone should be convincing enough to stop and eat.

bali curry
curry menu

Cafe Wayan & Bakery

City of Ubud:$

The popular restaurant that was featured in the book Eat Pray Love and is  actually a really great restaurant and lives up to the hype. The real reason to visit this restaurant is for the food, the  attentive service and the ambience. With floor tables and candle lit terrace seating.

If you don’t know what to order your best bet is to order the Nasi Campur! The perfect platter of options. I personally loved the chicken curry and could eat bowls of it, but really enjoy the other savory options on the platter. 

Where to eat

Shelter Cafe

City of Seminyak:$$

By the end of the trip you will have consumed your body weight in noodles and Shelter cafe is a great refreshing healthy restaurant. When you’re ready for a break from the traditional  Balanissean food, Shelter cafe is a great option. Tucked away in an ally with signs posted  “ beware of bag snatchers” but once you get passed that . You’ll find a cute rooftop garden cafe with an extensive smoothie bowl menu

The bowls are fresh and tasty, there isn’t anything on this menu i didn’t like. The only complaint is that they only take cash. So be equipped with enough cash to enjoy your meal .

Batur Sari

City of Ubud:$

Go for the view and enjoy the food. The restaurant is on top of the mountain before you head down to the hot sprigs. The Gado-Gado ( mixed vegetables with peanut sauce) is pretty good but the Mi Goreng ( sautéed noodles and vegetables ) noodle are amazing here. You can also enjoy a buffet here but you have to Enjoy your meal with a stunning view of the Volcano. 


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