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The Space invader.

The Space Invader:

Japan bound 01.17.19

           First leg of the journey home from south east Asia was a night flight from Bangkok to Japan. It's an easy 5 hour flight. Perfectly scheduled at night so I can sleep and get my body on schedule for the long second half of the flight home. I usually sleep on these flight, most of the time before the wheels even lift off the ground i am knocked out till the first or second round of the drink cart. Before I could shut my eyes I hear a  whisper from across the aisle from a seemly harmless women who wanted to sit next to me in my emergency aisle  bulkhead seat.  The only reason I said yes was because  the armrest didn’t raise and this empty seat next to me did me no good. BERNADETTE Slid over next to me , and the fact that I know her name would tell you just about how much sleep I got on this flight…. 

           Bernadette a  California native who took a life journey to Thailand to seek cleansing and prayer of her aggressive cancer sat next to me and within 5 minutes  of meeting, began to cry on my shoulder and share her life story.  I felt bad for Bernadette, I came to terms with the fact I wouldn’t be sleeping on this flight. God place me here in this moment to be a comfort to someone going through a lot. God tends to put me in these positions and I learned to accept them and try to be the best version of my self for those that seek a kind heart and ear to unload their sadness and problems. I blame this friendly face he blessed me with and this welcoming spirit.

          Bernadette story was sad and I have compassion for her and her journey. But, this how the invasion of my space was accessed but not secured. When the drink cart came, Bernadette ordered a scotch with no chaser a real straight to the point kind of drink which wasn’t needed as you can still smell the remnants of her previous drink still lingering on her breath. She didn’t get to enjoy the drink, she dropped the drink all over herself. Then turned to me and asked if I needed a drink ,I politely said “no, I intended to sleep and the alcohol wouldn't help”. 5 minutes later she asked me again if i needed a drink, and again I said “no but thank you”. I tried to get comfortable in my seat like clock work just after the cart passes by, its time for me to go to sleep.

           The headphone blanket and neck pillow didn’t tip of Bernadette my need to sleep, she taped my shoulder every  30minutes to ask the same questions that I continue to answer.

“ yes I was coming from Thailand”

“ yes I heading to LA as well”

“ I went on vacation”

“first time”

“ loved it”

This continues every 30 minutes till I just stop answering.

Then the invasion of space happens.

Her hand crossed over to my side and lays on my thigh. Ugh I could feel my blood boil as I snatch off my headphones to tell her to move over.

She is startled by my response but I don’t care at this point. 

Through out the flight she wakes me and ask while slurring her words “ can I snuggle on you” same answer comes out every-time, stern and lack of patience “ absolutely not” and between the 4 time she has waken me to ask was followed up with an attempt. Moving her pillow closer, trying to rest on my shoulder and every-time I move her head, nudged her over or moved abruptly. 

I love my personal space and you Bernadette are invading it.

Poor drunk Bernadette has no idea how annoying she is. With waking me up, invading my personal space now she is just being ridiculous. Her hip keeps turning on the over head light. I showed her 3 time how to turn it off and she freaks out like a child every time it comes on. The last go around I feel I cant help her anymore. I tried, I showered her 3 times. So I sit awake and annoyed as she takes the foil from our questionable breakfast and tries to mold it over the light to block the light from her drunken sensitive eyes. The foil falls and she whines in discomfort. With one more scotch tossed back Bernadette finally sleeps for the last 30 minutes of the flight. I am still awake and annoyed by my seat companion. Wheels finally descend and we hit the  runway. Bernadette drunk and asleep wakes and screams at the top her lungs in shock of our landing. That was the absolute last straw.

I booked  it off the plane, really to go no where but somewhere Bernadette is not, as we both have a 12 hour layover in a small Japanese airport before getting on our 10 hour flight home to LA.

I think God brought her to me to teach me patience kindness and boundaries. Lord, I think I learned all 3.


Please bless my little space invader, Bernadette.


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