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Marrakech, Morocco in 5 days

Marrakech, Morocco in 5 days

5 days in Marrakech

Heading to Marrakech can be nerve racking for a lot of reason and probably most of the reasoning come from what we see on TV about Middle East countries and predominate Muslim regions of the world. However if you chose to book a vacation in the beautiful over flowing with culture city here are a few tips and experiences from my trip.


The city is a gem with beautiful mosaic tiles and pops of color everywhere.

Day 1 into the  market place also known as Jemaa el-Fnaa.

The market place has tons of trinkets, street food, fresh juices, spices, handbags, traditional scarfs and clothing. The windy ally ways continue to lead you to more shops you can walk for hours. Be ready to negotiant for the best prices, you may not always win but it worth a shot. The venders can be pretty intense and persistent in there sales pitch. I suggest stand your ground, if you don’t purchase anything ,say no firmly and keep walking. Sound easy right?  Takes some practice but you’ll get a lot of that in the square. 

Spend your evening enjoying a traditional Moroccan meal on the terrace of one of the popular restaurants surrounding Jemaa-el-Fnaa. The following restaurants are ideal for sunset. 

Restaurant Cafe de France

Argana Resturant

Le Grand Balcon Cafe Glacier

I suggest getting there a little early the terrace view is magical and you’ll need a great seat. 

Finish the evening  back in the square  for live music and entertainment.

  • if you take photos of any of the street entertainers someone will come around and collect a fee, price set based on their mood*


Day 2 

Rise early and spend the morning at breakfast at your Raid before heading out to your desert adventure.

links to day trips and multi night adventures

Book your desert adventure 

I suggest 2 night 3 day Marzougo desert adventure 

Makes pit stops in historical cities of Morocco along the way. 

End the evening at hotel included in your package. 

morocco camel ride

Day 3

Driving the second leg of the trip into the desert

Not sure what to bring with you on your camera ride. If you booked one of the more budget tours you are only allowed to bring the clothes on your back and a small backpack. Luxury tours are allotted more and have better bathrooms and showers. pick and pack wisely.

Pick your camel out of the line up hop on and enjoy the humpy bumpy ride into the sunset of the about 2 miles from start to campsite. Marzougo dessert. 

Dinner is provided by the campsite.

morocco sunsets, travel

Day 4 

Rise extremely early to get back onto your camel and ride back to pickup location while the sunrises.  

Now for the long haul (6hr) back to Marrakech or make a detour and take a ride into (3hrs) FEZ. 

Day 5 

You still have time before you leave to explore the local gardens. 

Menara Gardens

Jardine Majorelle

Agdal Gardens

Are absolutely beautiful and a greta way to end your trip and relax after that long desert excursion. 

Places to stay

Places to stay in a budget- Raid Sijane

Places on a bigger budget- La Mamounia Marrakech


Fly in to Marrakech (RAK). Airport 

book transportation early

Shop Marrakech city square

Destination Marzougo desert

Sunset dinner 

Sunset in the Marzougo desert 

explore the gardens


Try Tagine and Coscous 

5 Days in Marrakech

5 Days in Marrakech

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