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“Tis the season to buy less stuff”

“Tis the season to buy less stuff”

The malls are packed with eager shoppers, but ‘tis the season to buy less stuff. We all love to shop and lord know I’m guilty of it.  I use to shop for a living and every-time I bough something for work I bought my self a little treat. Also calling it a treat makes you feel less guilty for over spending or using the excuse “ I work hard you deserve it”. But don’t we all deserve to invest in the bigger picture? You know, the big dreams, the stuff we wish for but never save for.

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It didn’t hit me till I packed everything up, and put it in storage that  I accumulated a lot of stuff for one single person.  I’m not just talking clothes either,  it was kitchen stuff, dinning stuff, patio stuff basically just stuff. When I decide to focus my energy and time on traveling and not sitting behind a desk full time and not be subject to only approved vacation time I had to cut back, reprioritize. My dreams became bigger than the things that I owned.  When you start breaking down the cost of an experience in comparison to buying things. You really start to appraise the things you buy and the things you chose not to buy. 

 A new top at Nordstroms can run you on average $50 and for the same $50 backpacking Europe would get me a one night stay in a 4 start hostel (using hostel world to book)  breakfast, a day pass on public transportation and a decent dinner.  So by passing on spending the $50 on a top that I probably have something similar at home I just invest in a full day adventure in a new country.  That is  how I look at my spending now.

It’s not easy nor is it for everyone and sometimes that top in Nordstroms is just tofabulous to pass up and you do get it, and guess what? That is absolutely fine, as long as we know what we are weighing our purchases by.

So I stoped buying more things and I started sharing and exploring my experiences.  I hosted dinners to avoid going out, I subscribed to serviced that encourage gatherings and opportunities for quality time. So instead of me buying more stuff and loading up my closet or buying the newest version of the phone that’s kinda the same as the old one. I purchased things that I wanted to share with loved ones. Tis the season to buy less stuff.

My current obsession is my wine delivery subscription with  Winc.

Winc is extremely affordable and convenient. I also get the opportunity to sharringsomething I love with people I love. Creating gatherings that will bring people together and also give me a good reason to show off my wine cocktail skills, because this girl can make a mean wine cocktail. 

With the holidays rapidly approaching try something new this year, buy less (stuff)  and share more (quality time and experiences). Let WINC be apart of the sharing 

Major takeaway:

1- Don’t be the person that has an expensive wallet with no money in it. 

2-Weigh your purchase to needs not wants.

3-Invest in experiences and quality time

4-Buy winc, its easy. There a discount and you wont regret the quality time share over a glass of wine or wine cocktail.



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winc- the only wine delivery service you need.

What are you buy less of this season?

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