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Quit my job to travel the world: 6 reasons why

Quit my job to travel the world: 6 reasons why

6 Reasons I quit my job to travel the world



Life is to short to look back and wish we took action on a dream or idea. So why not now, why not. Well, we can find a million and one excuses that we usually tend to call reasons, but its the excuses that manifest of our fears holding us back. If you are lucky enough to have a moment of clarity and realize that everything will be ok and life has its bumps but you make the choice to fight your way through then, and only then will, “why not” be the only answer to the daily question of chasing your dreams.  Only then will you find the calm in the chaos, trust me when I say it took a minute to get comfortable with this way of thinking.

Why not dream big, take a risk and living your best life.


I finally picked up the call to a once in a lifetime experience. The daily routine and goals stopped motivating me.

3- Freedom

Freedom to come and go as I please. To work on my own terms and not on the mercy of someone else business needs schedule. There is something liberating about leaving on a solo trip that most will never have the guts to do and deciding whats on the agenda day by day and no plans to stick to. Only to enjoy every moment.

4- If not now then when?

we often get to a point in our lives where chapters are closing

I can get another job start the same routine and revisit the longing feeling of adventure is another two years OR I can take action. Be bold in my decisions and live life with no regrets. Live, and never look back at your life and wish you took action. Putting experiences on top of the priority list.

5- Timing

The universe knows what it’s doing. While everything in my life felt confusing and in chaos, the timing opened up on making this move. My apartment lease was up, my saving was in a great place, I had the support of my family and friends and fed up with my job. For the first time ever in my life, I don’t have a plan, no deadlines no schedule no structure. Just open space to create whatever life I chose to live.

6-  Job Sucked

My job wasn’t a good fit anymore. Sometimes we outgrow our roles and showing up every day becomes more of a task. Daily questions start to pop up that have never surfaced before. Do I still want to be a designer? I don’t know anymore but I do know is that I allowed my self some time to figure it out. What’s next? No idea but, it will be an interesting couple of months trying to figure it out.



Outfit details:

Jumper: Target Mossimo jumpsuit

Shoes: Chunky heel mule 

Travelbag:: Weekend bag   

Crossbody: Straw bag



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