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7 impactful steps to save for travel

7 impactful steps to save for travel

How to save money to travel?

Saving money to travel can seem almost impossible, but it’s so easy when you readjust your priorities. When travel is a priority the smallest adjustment in daily routines can have the largest impact.  If you spend more money at bars or at concerts you have unknowingly or knowing designed that to be your life priority. Which is completely fine, but let’s not complain that you never traveled but you went to 3 concerts in a month and go out every Friday night. Choices people Choices. Let’s start to save for travel.

Here are a few impactful steps to start saving.

Step 1-Readjust your prioritizes.

Stop speeding money on short term activities that do not help you get closer to your goals.

Thats is not just for travel goals but for life goals as well.

Step 2- Set a monthly budget.

Look at your complete budget for a month.

Pull an old bank statement and separate all your expenses into NEEDS and WANTS.

Needs are rent, utility bills, car payments, groceries, insurance ect…if it doesn’t help you sustain a quality of life it’s not a need.

Wants are eating out, activities, entertainment, services like Netflix, cable, gym memberships and Starbucks ….Is 50 % or more of your monthly income going into  WANTS?  Then its time to make some cuts.

Step 3-Clears your debt-

In order to properly save you need to start with a clean slate. Clean up any excessive debt.

Examples: credit cards, debt collectors, outstanding or late bills. This might not include large student loans or cars depending on how deeply you’re in debt.

Step 4-Set a goal

Make the goal realistic but large enough that you have to stick to your budget to achieve it, with in a reasonable time line. 3-9 months ideally to save.

Step 5-Out of sight out of mind

it is critical you place your savings into an account that is completely separate from your regular banking. Less opportunity to over spend and or transfer back and forth between accounts.

I use two different banks.

Capital-one has a Free checking/saving account and they do not charge foreign transaction fees . This a great card to use on your trip.

Step 6-Extra income

Saving plans have there hiccups. Don’t stress , or change your plans.

Add in some extra income. Selling unwanted items online ( purses, shoes, clothing eat )on platforms like poshmark, eBay, etsy

Bring in extra income with postmates, uber eats, lyft and any other self services app they have out there.

Step 7-Chart your success.

Plan your saving goal on a calendar.  Writing your goals down and seeing the weekly or bi-weekly achievements

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