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3 Things you must do in Caye Caulker, Belize.

3 Things you must do in Caye Caulker, Belize.

Caye Caulker is a small island right off the coast of Belize. Just a quick but bumpy water taxi ride from the city to the major islands in Belize. There are a few island options that can all be accessed from Belize via the water taxi.  Caye Caulker was my favorite for a few reason. This list is short and sweet because let's be real, the island is extremely charming, and when I say charming, I really mean tiny. I don't mean to sound like an apartment ad that sells you on a few key words options however in Caye Caulker there is nothing wrong with charming, thats part of the appeal.

Caye Caulker is made up of 3 streets, first Street, middle street, and third street.  Everything you will need will be on the first and middle street. Take full advantage of the island size and explore every part of the island. Be mindful due to its size, stores and business close early. Expect most businesses to be closing up by night fall, it is not like America there is no 24hour 7-11, or postmates options but  bars and restaurants will stay open well into the night.

Plan to stay on the island for a couple days and really soak up the culture, breath in the salt water air and listen for the ringing of the bell from the Tamales cart.

Peak season to visit November to April during there drier season. 

Here are my top 3 for Caye Caulker highlights :

1.Take a bike ride 

Sounds so simple right? Well this small 3 street island doesn’t have car and bikes and golf carts are your best moods of transportation. 

Bikes can be rented in the front of the island or from your hotel. If you chose to rent through AIRBNB, check to see if the host has bikes available during your stay. It will definitely cut on cost. This is also a great way to get around the island with ease. Or you can rent a go-cart for speedy transportation.


2.Lobster lobster lobster

You’re on an island for goodness sake, enjoy as much seafood as humanly possible. So hit up Enjoy bar and rest. Grab swing at the bar order a drink and dine with the locals. Their lobster dinner is grilled to perfections and dripping in butter. ( mouth watering right about now) 



Last but definitely not least . (always save the best for last) Actually one of my favorites things to do on the island and an absolute MUST. Snorkeling near the reef. The waters is crystal clear, warm and absolutely amazing. Take a Tour with Blackhawk Tours they offer some of the best prices on the Island. Lunch is provided along with all the equipment, and  a guide.  Bring the following for a full day of fun in the Caribbean sun.

blackhawk tours

Sunscreen, Hat, coverup, swimsuit, waterproof phone case for photos, camera/ underwater camera,  flip flops, and a tote bag.

Enjoy your trip and enjoy one of my favorite islands.

The Modern camera bag

The Modern camera bag